Special Police Programs

City Hall and Police DepartmentIn an emergency always call 9-1-1
The Department in addition to providing law enforcement service to the community, has several programs to assist the residents and improve their quality of life.

Operation Safeguard I & II
Operation Safeguard I monitors seniors and those living alone each day. An individual is asked to call the Police Department by 10:00 am each day, or an officer will check on the resident.

Operation Safeguard II contacts people who have medical problems or other needs who in the event of a power outage or other emergency require special assistance.

To take advantage of either program please contact the dispatch center at (440) 235-1234

Gun Locks
Gun locks are available for free to the public as part of the department's community policing and safety programs. They are available at the police department and at public events attended by the officers.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)
The Olmsted Falls Police Department instructs the DARE program at St. Mary of the Falls School. The department is committed to the prevention of the use of drugs and alcohol by our youth. Officer Bob Swope is assigned as the DARE officer and is active with the youth of the community through events and his involvement with DARE and Safety Town.

Traffic Safety
The department values the safety of our community and believes enforcement of traffic laws to be a vital portion of our mission. Violation of the traffic laws directly effects the safety of everyone. Please do your part by observing the laws while driving in our community.

The members of the Olmsted Falls Police Department are proud to serve the community and strive to provide professional and courteous service and improve the quality of life enjoyed by our citizens.

For additional information on any of these programs contact the Olmsted Falls Police Department at (440) 235-1234.

We welcome your input on any and all issues affecting the City of Olmsted Falls Police Department.