Police Department

Cruiser4   In an emergency always call 9-1-1

   Non Emergency Contact:
   P: (440) 235-1234
   Email: police@olmstedfalls.org

"Committed to
The Olmsted Falls Police Department serves a residential community of approximately 10,000 residents. The department currently consists of 12 full-time officers and 11 part-time officers. The Patrol Staff is supplemented by a staff of 4 certified Reserve Officers.

Mission Statement:
The Olmsted Falls Police Department will strive to first protect life and then property under the law, giving full respect to all citizens while striving to achieve the highest standards of professional skill, integrity and accountability.

The highest priority is the protection of human life. All laws will be enforced in accordance with the United States Constitution. Performance of all duties requires the utmost ethical standards. Strive for professionalism and excellence in all activities.

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