The Department of Law provides legal representation for the City of Olmsted Falls, the Mayor, City Council, all City Departments as well and Boards and Commissions.  A main function of the law department is to prepare and oversee all legislation presented to City Council.  The law department also provides legal opinions to the Mayor, City Administration and City Council. The law director also represents the City in litigation matters and reviews and approves City contracts.  

You may contact the Law Director, Max Rieker, Esq. by calling 440-235-5550 or email at

The Assistant Law Director/Prosecutor, prosecutes all criminal and traffic misdemeanors arising in the City. He also provides legal counsel to the Planning and Zoning Commission.  You may contact the Assistant Law Director/Prosecutor John Castele by calling 440-235-5550 or email at

Community Diversion Program 
The Olmsted Falls Community Diversion Program has been developed for juveniles with first-time status offenses and misdemeanor crimes in order to avoid formal court action. Instead, the program creates a link between the community and the child, by utilizing community resources to address problems brought to the attention of the court.  For more information please see brochure or contact Juvenile Officer Robert Swope at 440-427-2329.