Building & Zoning

The Building Department is located at 9234 Columbia Road behind the Fire Station

The Olmsted Falls Building Department reviews plans, grants approvals, issues permits and conducts inspections for additions and new construction. The applicable codes enforced are the Ohio Building Code, Ohio Plumbing Code, Ohio Mechanical Code, National Electric Code, Residential Code of Ohio, the Codified Ordinances of Olmsted Falls which include the Zoning and Property Maintenance Codes.

Contact Information/Office Hours:
Braden Thomas, Sr. – Building Commissioner                              Aimee Stone – Secretary

P: (440) 235-1055                                                                                   P: (440) 235-1055                                                          

Mitch Heath - Zoning Administrator 
Chagrin Valley Engineering 
P: (440) 439-1999

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM.  

Approvals, Permits, and Inspections:

Plan approvals, permits and inspections are required for alterations, additions, and new construction; both for residential and commercial buildings. The purpose of the regulatory oversight is to protect the life safety and general welfare of the public.  The Codes are designed to insure that the built environment is safe and sanitary.

Owners may obtain approvals, permits and inspections in most circumstances.  The same requirements are enforced for owners and contractors, alike.

Contractor’s Registration:

All contractors, sub contractors, firms, corporation or persons, prior to performing work in the City of Olmsted Falls, are required by Codified Ordinance to register with the City and to provide a current Certificate of Insurance to the City of Olmsted Falls Building Department.  Codified Ordinance 42-94 has included painting contractors, wallpapering contractors and landscapers to the list of those required to register. Note that approvals, permits and registration is required prior to the commencement of any work.  Failure to obtain the proper approvals, permits and inspections will result in administrative fees and penalties being accessed.

Contractor’s registration fee is $100.00 per calendar year. Contractors insurance (minimum liability of $500,000) shall have the City of Olmsted Falls named as an additional insured.

Contractors working without proper registration or permits will be cited according to Ordinance. (61-87 and 42-94)

Hours of Prohibited Construction: Code 648.10

No person shall operate or permit the operation of tools or equipment used in construction, drilling or demolition work, including the starting of motors or like equipment between dusk and 7:30 am Monday through Friday, or between dusk and 9:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays such that the sound from the operation of such tools or equipment would disturb the good peace and quiet of the community by crossing a residential real property boundary. This shall not apply to emergency work of public service or to special circumstances approve by the Mayor when such circumstances are substantially similar to emergency work of public service. This will be strictly enforced. Please notify all your sub contractors of prohibited construction times.

You may contact the Building Department with questions or comments.