County Wide Sensible Salting Program

1.     No salting between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. During periods of snowfall between the hours of 11:00  p.m. and 4:00 a.m., it is not feasible to salt main roads. Due to low traffic volumes, the salt is not effective and in some instances can create even worse conditions. Typically, if crews begin plowing and salting main roads and school zones at 4:00 a.m., they will be ice free for rush hours. Between the hours of 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., the goal of service departments will be to provide a “passable roadway” which is defined as “a roadway service that is free from drifts, snow ridges, and as much ice and snow pack as is practical and can be traveled safely at reasonable speeds.” Only intersections, hills, curves and bridges will be salted on main roads between these hours.

2. Salting during snow events. During periods of snowfalls of 1” or more per hour, main roads will be plowed as frequently as possible but will only be salted at intersections, hills, curves, bridges and school zones. “Spot salting” defined as “intermittent spreading of salt at 150 ft. intervals,” will also be utilized when practicable.

3. Limited salting on secondary roads. Secondary roads will be plowed as often as possible, but will not be salted except for 200 ft. at each intersection, and at hills, curves, bridges and school zones. Spot salting will be utilized on secondary roads when practicable.


Main streets are first – priority
Secondary streets next
Side streets
Parks and public parking lots will then be done.

                                                                                   Mailbox Replacement Policy

Unfortunately, in the normal course of snow plowing damage may occur to mailboxes. If the accumulated snow being removed damages the mailbox it is not the responsibility of the City of Olmsted Falls to make permanent repairs. The City will, however,  make every attempt, as soon as snow removal is complete, to do a temporary repair to the mailbox so that mail may be received.

In the event that any mailbox is damaged as a result of negligence by the City, that is any mailbox which is actually hit by the truck or snowplow blade the City will replace it. It will be replaced with a treated 4 x 4 post and a treated 4 x 4 extension. The actual mailbox will also be replaced with a standard mailbox. The City will NOT replace any specialty mailboxes.