Disaster Preparedness

ambuIn an emergency always call 9-1-1
The tragic events of September 11th and Hurricane Katrina have made everyone aware that a natural, man-made or terrorist event could occur in or near their own community. The communities of Olmsted Falls and Olmsted Township are not immune to such an event and have formed a committee to develop an all-hazards emergency action plan.

The Fire Chief's and officers of both communities continue to meet to review and refine their All Hazards emergency response. Included in this planning is preparation for a potential pandemic or other mass medical emergency. The Fire Departments in the Southwest Region continue to work on a coordinated response to such an event.

Residents should begin to prepare themselves in the event that a disaster occurs in the Olmsted communities. Guidance for supplies, equipment, and other information can be obtained from the Department of Homeland Security's website by clicking here.