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8051 Brookside Rd.

Service Director
– Stan Wares
Service Supervisor - Joe Borczuch

The Service Department shall have the responsibility for construction, improvement, and maintenance of all public works, buildings, grounds, parks, roads, streets, and all other public places of the Municipality, and for the collection and disposal of wastes. Snow plowing and salting of local streets are done when conditions warrant. Wood chips are also available to residents for delivery by picking up an application at City Hall.


The City is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all sanitary and storm sewer located in the right-of-way including service connection laterals. The property owner is responsible for providing a test "T" (clean out), which will be located on private property to aid the service department in determining the location of a problem. If a test "T" is not available the service department will assist the homeowner in locating the test "T" through reviewing available drawings, probing of potential locations and minor hand excavations. If a solution to the problem can not be found, and a test "T" is not located, the property owner, by copy of this policy will be notified that one must be installed.

If you experience a problem with a sanitary or storm sewer line, notify the Service Department. A complete copy of this policy is available at City Hall.

Household waste collection is done year round. Please drop off materials Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY LATEX PAINTS. Please place kitty litter inside can and once completely dry please dispose of with your regular garbage.


Branch Pickup - 1st Monday every month (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday)from April to October. Piles should not exceed 3' in height or 8" in diameter. No foreign matter (lumber, metal, cans, etc.). No vines and/or tree stumps, grass, weeds, or flowers.

Spring Clean-up - First full week in April. We will pickup leaves left behind from last fall. Leaves must be on tree lawn by the 1st Monday in April.

Fall Leaves - October 15 - November 30 (leaves are to be raked to the curb, but not placed in the street or ditch).

Tires - Allied Waste does not pick up old car or truck tires. Tires may be dropped off at any time at the Service Department.

Motor Oil - To recycle your oil, drain into a container with a sealable lid and do not mix with other automotive fluids. For more information on locations and hours contact the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District at (216) 443-3749.

Old Computer and Cell Phone Round-Up - Printers, monitors, computers, keyboards, cell phones, and all accessories related to computers and cell phones- April 1 through April 30 and August 1 through August 31. Drop off at Olmsted Falls Service Department. For more information on locations and hours contact the Olmsted Falls Service Department at (440) 235-1345


All rubbish will be picked up once each week on Thursday. Please place the carts on the side of the driveway approximately 3 feet from the curb with the arrows facing the street and at least 3 feet apart or on opposite sides of the driveway from each other by 6:00 a.m. on Thursday. Do not place rubbish out until 5:00 p.m. the night before pick up day. Please refrain from putting broken glass, syringes or sharp objects loosely into plastic bags. This prevents laceration and puncture wounds from occurring. In addition to household rubbish yard waste will also be collected from April 15th through November 30th. Grass clippings and other yard waste should be placed in either brown paper yard waste bags, not to exceed 40 pounds, or place loose yard waste in an old garbage can marked "yard waste."

Recyclables will be picked up the same day as regular trash collection. Place all recyclables in your GREEN carts. Please recycle:

Plastic: recycle rinse

Glass: Recycle all glass beverage bottles and jars. Rinse containers and remove lids and neck rings. Paper labels don’t need to be removed. Please, no used pesticides or herbicide containers, window glass, light bulbs, mirrors or ceramics.

Plastic: recycle food and beverage containers that have #1 thru #7 stamped on the bottom. Please make sure all containers are rinsed. Motor Oil, antifreeze, pesticide, herbicide and wide mouthed containers are excluded.

Plastic: recycle all detergent and soap containers that have #1 thru #7 stamped on the bottom. Please make sure all containers are rinsed.

Aluminum & Steel Cans: recycle rinsed aluminum and steel cans. Food and beverage cans ONLY.

Newspapers: entire newspaper including any inserts.

Bulk Pickup: Bulk items such as household furniture, appliances and miscellaneous unwanted household items can be placed at the curb on the Thursday of the 3rd FULL Week of the month. Remember when placing an old refrigerator at the curb the doors must be removed and placed next to the refrigerator. The Freon must also be removed.

Allied Waste Holiday Schedule

Collections will not be made on the following holidays:
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

If any of the above holidays fall Monday through Thursday, collection will be delayed one day, until Friday.

Allied Waste will not pick up old car or truck tires. When purchasing new tires, make arrangements with the vendor to dispose of your old tires.

Placing your garbage and rubbish on one side of your driveway and your blue bag recyclables on the other side will assist the collection crews in separating these items. A separate truck removes large appliances. Allied Waste will not pick up old car or truck tires. When purchasing new tires, make arrangements with the vendor to dispose of your old tires.

All residents are billed by Allied Waste for their rubbish collection. A Senior Citizen rate is available to those homeowners who have a valid Golden Buckeye Card. To secure this Allied Waste discount, the homeowner must bring his or her Golden Buckeye Card to City Hall. After the card is recorded and the information is sent to Allied Waste, the discount will start in the next billing. Allied Waste can be contacted at 1-800-433-1309.