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The Olmsted Communities
Olmsted Falls and Olmsted Township are growing suburban communities located southwest of Cleveland, Ohio, with a combined population of approximately 18,500 residents. This picturesque and historic community is primarily residential with a median household income of approximately $57,800 per year. The small town atmosphere provides an ideal area to raise families and is cherished by residents.

Downtown Cleveland is about 19 miles northeast and accessible by rapid transit or by driving via interstate highways 480 and 71. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is nearby as is the International Exposition Center (IX Center) which houses exhibits year round. Olmsted Falls and Olmsted Township are within easy driving range of major shopping centers, University Circle, Severance Hall, The Cleveland Clinic, Jacobs Field, Quiken Loan Arena and the Lake Erie shores.

The community is actively involved with the schools and provides support in various ways. The district's Endowment and Alumni Association and other community organizations provide over 100 scholarships to graduating seniors each year. Community recreation associations provide programs that support district activities. Community volunteers are active in providing assistance to classroom teachers.

The local PTA is active in supporting learning by underwriting student assemblies, by providing tutoring and by providing an avenue of communication with district leaders and teachers. There are PTA units in each of the four schools as well as the community’s Early Childhood Center. There is also an active PTA Council for the district.

The District
"A Passion for Excellence"

Olmsted Falls City Schools prides itself on outstanding academic programs, modern facilities and well trained staff. The District, which currently serves more than 3,500 students (Pre-K through 12th Grade) has earned the Ohio Department of Education’s rating of Excellent on the annual school report card six consecutive years, one of just 22 schools in the state to achieve that distinction. Olmsted Falls City Schools is comprised of four schools – Falls-Lenox Primary School, Fitch Intermediate School, Olmsted Falls Middles School and Olmsted Falls High School – which are all accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Ohio Department of Education. Our primary school was selected as an Ohio Hall of Fame School. The district is affiliated with the Polaris Joint Vocational School.

Achieving the State's highest academic ranking for 6 consecutive years is one of a variety of measures that reflect the results of the high quality of student instruction in the district and the efforts of our students. Curriculum complies with State Standards and reflects a blend of college prep, advanced placement, career-technical, gifted and other programs. Academically, student test scores on the ACT and SAT college entrance tests are consistently above both State and national averages. Over 75% of graduating seniors continue their education at a college or university. More than 25 students have qualified as National Merit Scholars in the past six years.

Olmsted Falls City Schools has achieved our superior academic results while our spending per pupil is in the bottom quarter of the other 31 districts in Cuyahoga County. The voters’ passage of an operating levy in 1999 ensures the district's financial stability through 2006. This important levy supports staffing, programs and student services.

Olmsted Falls Schools is believes that our teaching staff is key to learning and is proud to employ a highly experienced group of teachers. Nearly 66% of our teachers have Master’s Degrees and they average almost 14 years of experience. Their daily attendance rate is among the highest in the State. All high school teachers teach in the subject area in which they are certificated. Many of our teachers live in the community. Our District Job Posting page lists current openings for certificated, non-certificated and supplemental positions.

Safe and well-maintained facilities and grounds maximize our learning environment. Network infrastructure supports instruction using computer labs, new classroom computers, Internet access and software in each building. The district was the first in the county to have internet access in every classroom. We are participating in the innovative SMART project that is designed to improve elementary and middle school science and math instruction and student learning by providing teacher training, and classroom materials.

Diverse extracurricular programs are supported by athletic fields and performing arts stages at both the Middle and High Schools. In Fall 2005, a newly renovated stadium facility was dedicated. The Charles A. Harding Memorial Stadium, featuring the state-of the-art Robert Shaker / Class of 1972 Press Box and the Dara Hosta Memorial Garden, was made possible solely through donations from the private sector coordinated by the dedicated Olmsted Falls Endowment and Alumni Association. No taxpayer dollars were used in the stadium renovation project.

The Philosophy
Olmsted Falls City Schools are guided by the following:

District Guiding Beliefs:

· Education requires a working relationship between the home, the school and the community.

· Schools should provide an atmosphere conducive to learning and promoting the dignity of individuals. Self worth, freedom of expression and joy of learning ensure a positive learning environment and individual dignity.

· Education should provide a well balanced program which includes academics, technical skills needed to compete in an ever-changing society, cultural arts and extracurricular activities.

· Everyone can learn and all have the right to be educated to his/her potential.

· Quality education requires an investment of financial resources. The State and local community must share in providing these resources.

· Schools should provide a safe and secure environment to enhance the educational process.

· A Quality staff is necessary to fulfill the educational expectations of the school district.

· Education is the cornerstone of our society and is necessary for continuing our way of life.

· Learning occurs best in a disciplined environment where everyone accepts the consequences of their behavior.

· Education is essential in creating discerning and analytical individuals.

The Growth
The Olmsted Falls City School District has experienced steady growth over the past several years, with enrollment increasing by approximately 3% annually. The abundance of new housing developments indicate the desirability of this area for upwardly mobile families. The school district, with its emphasis on basics and high performance levels, is a deciding factor for people considering a move to this area. With significant amounts of land available for additional housing, growth is expected to continue.

All four school buildings are currently at or exceeding capacity with each school site currently utilizing portable classroom trailers. The Board of Education has placed a 2 Mill Bond Issue on the May 8, 2007 ballot to help the district generate funds for new construction to accommodate the growth and maintain the high quality standards for education, efficiency and excellence in all areas.